Skin Graph + Roehampton University

Skin Graph is currently developing research with the biomechanics research group at the University of Roehampton to explore innovative ways of tracking human motions. This innovative collaboration combines 3D shape mapping and motion tracking data to define optimised design parameters that can be rapidly prototyped and customised for individual applications in rehabilitation and performance. Researchers at Roehampton has developed an international reputation in research and education in musculoskeletal biomechanics, with special emphasis on clinical, sport and exercise sciences. Fundamental to the research is the development of technology to address the limitations of present systems used to capture motion and to look at the clinical and industrial applications of these technologies.

Thermal mapping

Thermal experiments helping define areas that need cooling during exercise.

Seam Generation

Skin Graph utlitises advanced 3D mapping techniques, parametric design and data-driven fabrication processes. Here, the traditional practice of tailoring is questioned by proposing operative strategies that can inscribe the personality of the individual directly into apparel. An intelligent design tool continues to evolve tailored specifically for the user, by the user. This technology paves the way for new fabrication methods, and empowers the consumer to play a bigger part in the fabric and apparel they wear. This ‘custom fit’ technology also allows clothing to be made to order, therefore reducing waste and contributing to society’s ethical and ecological awareness.