Skin graph questions the practice of tailoring and poses operative strategies that can inscribe the personality of the individual directly into the garment.
We articulate our bodies through both space and time, this movement is fundamental to the nature of the garment. Posture = Personality a presence extending beyond the depth of our immediate skin. Skin Graph allows the individual to take control in creating their bespoke contour pattern, through articulation and expression of their desired body movements.
Like skin the essence of time is recorded, a second skin is generated as a representation of one self. Both the physical and the emotional factors of their personality are inscribed into material; the second skin can displace and resonate a mapping of memory and potentiality.
Skin graph offers a creative platform for which individuals can upload their digital entity representations through a scanning process. The 3D topographical data can be manipulated through generative and evolutionary design techniques, such as parametric modelling, in the pursuit of systemic design applications that are scenario- and time-based through the physical performance of the individual.
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