SKIN GRAPH is a London based Multidisciplinary collective. Focused toward the fusion of Architecture and Fashion, with the articulation of the body in space as the core for all design driven processes.

Skin Graph’s objective is to create true Dynamic FIT apparel. FIT as dynamic performance in relation to activity and physical boundaries but also the FIT of the individuals’ personality so as to develop a true personalisation.

Through the development of advanced 3D mapping techniques, parametric design and data-driven fabrication processes, Skin Graph aims to address the engineered neutrality of optimisation. Skin Graph questions the practice of tailoring and proposes operative strategies that can inscribe the personality of the individual directly into apparel. With the underlining philosophy; that the individual must have a level of integrated authorship within the design process itself to truly create the bespoke.

Skin Graph continues research into advanced parametric design and fabrication processes, in order to develop manufactured materials and apparel. In addition to developing platforms that encourages the element of play into the design process. Skin Graph is increasingly more involved with scientific research fields with the focus on carrying out rigorous testing of behaviour, body language and fabricated performance.